The Vision

The Canopy Conservation Trust is committed to creating a pest-free environment covering approximately 220ha of the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve.

Our goal is to provide a safe haven amongst the trees for as many native species as possible – and for you and your family to come and enjoy it.

We’d love to build more walking tracks, viewing platforms and an education centre in future where people can come and experience the sanctuary we’ve created. Over 40,000 children visit Rotorua each year on school trips, so there’s huge potential to inspire the next generation and show them how cool nature really is.

And once our forest is pest-free, we hope to reintroduce precious birds such as kiwi, kōkako and saddlebacks, all of whom are highly susceptible to predators. In a few short decades, these birds have almost been wiped out. Kōkako used to roam 10 per cent of North Island forests… now they’re found in just two per cent.

Our vision is for kōkako, and all other native birds, to make the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve their home once again.


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