Checking the traps

The Project

Success Stories

We get a huge buzz from seeing rare birds, reptiles and invertebrates return to the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve. In fact, we’re making new discoveries …

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Check out some of the pretty fantastic progress we've made in the last couple of years.

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Introduced Predators

New Zealand’s first mammal predators were dogs and Pacific rats which arrived with Polynesian migrants around 1350. And when Europeans migrated in the late 18th …

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Native Species

It’s rare to find an untouched native forest in New Zealand. Many have been logged and regenerated. But once large trees are removed, the eco-system …

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The Background

When Captain James Cook and his crew first arrived here in 1769, they described the dawn chorus of New Zealand’s birds as “deafening”. Virtually no predators …

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The Vision

The Canopy Conservation Trust is committed to creating a pest-free environment covering approximately 220ha of the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve. Our goal is to provide a …

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