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Ruru released into Dansey Road Scenic Reserve

27 October, 2017

Rotorua Canopy Tours and Wingspan National Bird of Prey joined forces to release a native, protected ruru into our forest. This ruru was rescued by the local Mamaku community, in a concussed, underweight state and delivered to the Wingspan Centre for rehabilitation. A month later, with a weight gain of…

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Phase 4 and the future

14 June, 2017

In June 2017, we completed Phase Four of the Canopy Conservation Project. We now have 220 hectares of the forest under trapping control, meaning that the entire forest of Rotorua Canopy Tours is protected. During this final phase we also re-baited and re-gassed the entire existing network of traps from…

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Phase 3 – The Results

15 October, 2016

Ever since Rotorua Canopy Tours first began, our intention was to restore the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve and put conservation at the very heart of our eco-tourism business. Over the past four years we’ve steadily increased our pest eradication programme and in October 2016, we embarked on Phase 3. A…

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Canopy Tours Wins Environmental and Supreme Tourism Award

30 September, 2016

In late September, the team at Rotorua Canopy Tours were blown away by their success at the New Zealand Tourism Awards. Not only did they win the Environmental Tourism Award for their efforts to eradicate pests and restore native birdlife to the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve, they also picked up…

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Inspiring the next generation of conservationists

18 September, 2016

You’re never too young to appreciate the beauty of our amazing native birds. But unfortunately, today’s school children may be the last generation in New Zealand to ever see kiwi living in the wild. The destruction in our forests – and even in our own back yards – is immense,…

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Conservation Week Trapping Workshop

15 September, 2016

A lot of us know that possums, rats, stoats and cats spell disaster for our native birds. But many people are shocked to learn the scale of the problem – 26 million native birds are killed in New Zealand every year by these introduced predators! Trapping is one of the…

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Phase 3: Our Plans This Winter

27 May, 2016

This winter we will begin Phase 3 of trapping which will further extend our protected area to the western end of the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve, leaving only the eastern (Rotorua) section of the forest left to trap. To implement this trapping phase, six staff members will spend around 80…

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Phase 2: The Results

27 November, 2015

In late November 2015 (a month after our Phase 2 trapping programme began), we did a post-monitoring survey to see how successful we had been. This involved placing chew cards (small squares of plastic corflute spread with peanut butter), out into the forest every 50m along our monitoring lines. When…

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Phase 2 Gets Underway

27 October, 2015

In October 2015 Rotorua Canopy Tours invested in a new range of automated traps from Goodnature. The way we had begun trapping in 2013 worked. But our original traps were all manual and very labour intensive to re-set and monitor. Armed with this new technology, we installed 450 self-resetting rat…

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Director-General of DOC Comes To Visit

5 October, 2015

In October 2015 we hosted a very special guest in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve. Lou Sanson, the Director-General of the Department of Conservation, was visiting Rotorua and was so keen to check out Rotorua Canopy Tours that we arranged a special 6am zipline tour for him and his daughter.…

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