Ruru released into Dansey Road Scenic Reserve

27 October, 2017

Rotorua Canopy Tours and Wingspan National Bird of Prey joined forces to release a native, protected ruru into our forest.

This ruru was rescued by the local Mamaku community, in a concussed, underweight state and delivered to the Wingspan Centre for rehabilitation. A month later, with a weight gain of 200 grams, the decision to find a new home meant that Wingspan turned to us for support.

We were delighted to be part of this ruru’s rehoming process; having already privately released another ex-Wingspan reconditioned ruru about 12 months ago.

The opportunity was the perfect testimony to our dedication in removing pests from the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve. With at least 220 hectares of the forest under complete trapping control and predator levels sitting below 5%, the confidence that we have provided a safe, local haven for this ruru is higher than ever.

We are proceeding with our extensive conservation management processes in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve and look forward to sharing more special moments with Wingspan in the future.

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