Feeding a North Island Robin in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve.

Phase 4 and the future

14 June, 2017

In June 2017, we completed Phase Four of the Canopy Conservation Project. We now have 220 hectares of the forest under trapping control, meaning that the entire forest of Rotorua Canopy Tours is protected.

During this final phase we also re-baited and re-gassed the entire existing network of traps from the previous phases. However this is not where the Canopy Conservation Project finishes.

Our focus will shift from laying traps to monitoring the existing network. Changing of baits and replacing gas canisters will keep traps active and ensure that they are efficient and working consistently.

So what’s next?

The forest is now looking healthier than ever. Native birds and insects that we’ve never seen before are appearing and making themselves at home in the safe haven we have created.

Eventually we would love to give forest access to the public through walking trails. We will show New Zealander’s and international visitors what native New Zealand forest should look and sound like. This would show people what a difference we could make if we achieve a nationwide goal to be pest-free.

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