Director-General of DOC Comes To Visit

5 October, 2015

In October 2015 we hosted a very special guest in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve.

Lou Sanson, the Director-General of the Department of Conservation, was visiting Rotorua and was so keen to check out Rotorua Canopy Tours that we arranged a special 6am zipline tour for him and his daughter.

While he was with us, he did us the honour of setting the very first Goodnature trap ‘live’ to mark the beginning of our Phase 2 pest eradication efforts. This trap is in a prime location on Rotorua Canopy Tours’ conservation trail which people pass by every day on our zipline tours.

Lou was incredibly impressed with our operation and conservation efforts to date. Having seen and heard the native birds returning to our forest for himself, he’s now a big fan of the work we’re doing.

The Department of Conservation has joined with Rotorua Canopy Tours to form the Canopy Conservation Trust, and Lou is now looking forward to seeing how our partnership evolves and the results we can achieve together.

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