Checking the traps

Measuring Results: Chew Track Cards

27 August, 2012

Here at Rotorua Canopy Tours, we wanted to confirm our suspicions about what was going on in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve at night.

We knew pests were around so we decided to monitor the forest to determine the extent of the problem. We cut long monitoring lines in the forest and placed ‘chew cards’ at intervals along the lines.

These cards are simply corrugated plastic smeared with peanut butter (a favourite treat for rats), and are designed to record animal bite marks so we could tell what pests were around.

Unfortunately when we returned the following day, the cards were completely obliterated. These results told us there were rats and possums everywhere!

We also used tracking tunnels, and sure enough the pitter patter of rat feet were there too. Pest-control measures couldn’t come a moment too soon.

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