North Island Robin in Dansey Road Scenic Reserve

Canopy Conservation Trust

When people work together, incredible things can happen.

Public enthusiasm and the success of conservation work already underway in Rotorua’s Dansey Road Scenic Reserve has now led to the creation of the Canopy Conservation Trust.

This new charitable trust is a joint initiative between Rotorua Canopy Tours and the Department of Conservation. Together we’ll continue to eradicate pests from this slice of pristine forest and help restore the natural eco-system to its former glory.

We’ll also be raising conservation awareness and educating people along the way, so our community can better understand the problem and help turn things around both here in the reserve, and at home in their own back yard.

Together Rotorua Canopy Tours and the Department of Conservation will contribute $70,000 annually to the trust’s activities for three years. By the end of 2017 we hope the trust will become self-sufficient through support from public donations, sponsorship and a portion of tickets sold at Rotorua Canopy Tours.

We think partnerships are the best way to achieve great results. We see this forest as “our forest” but in truth it’s your forest too. We’d love you to get involved with the Canopy Conservation Trust, so please enjoy looking through this website and learning how you can help our native species survive.

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